Word table minor thing

  Josquius 18:07 07 Dec 2003

I'm on doing tables of results for my physics work however I can't get one of the tables to position right. Its title is overlapping it and when I try and move the table it merges with others and does all kinds of funky stuff. There is no room for the title to fit between this table and the one above.
Is there any sort of position absolutely for tables on word like with pictures on frontpage?

  Gongoozler 18:13 07 Dec 2003

Josquius, I'm not sure I completely understand the question, but if you put the title in the top (or bottom) row, merging cells in the row if necessary), and remove the unwanted borders, then the title will move with the table.

  Josquius 18:18 07 Dec 2003

Good idea though that just does the same thing to the table below this one.

  Josquius 18:59 07 Dec 2003

Is there any other way to fix this?

  Josquius 18:59 07 Dec 2003

Is there any other way to fix this?

  VoG II 19:07 07 Dec 2003

I don't really understand your description of the problem. However, this may help fix it. In Word Tools/Options, View tab and tick "All" in Formatting marks.

You will then be able to see where new paragraphs and so on are and hopefully work out what is going on.

  Josquius 19:16 07 Dec 2003

That lets me see it though it does nothing to help.
What the problem is is-
click here

(oh and sorry for posting something twice before, don't know what that was)

  Josquius 19:19 07 Dec 2003

or click here rather since geocities is being naughty.
Why can't you edit posts here...

  VoG II 19:22 07 Dec 2003

Can you click in the title and select Format/Paragraph and change the Before and After spacing?

  Josquius 19:27 07 Dec 2003

That just changes the position of the writing within the text box.

  VoG II 20:01 07 Dec 2003

Ah!, you've put the heading in a Text Box!

I suggest you don't do that. The way to achieve what you want is:

Ensure you insert a few paragraphs (returns).

Create your table somewhere in amongst those paragraphs.

Select the paragraph mark immediately above the table and select Insert/Caption and follow the wizard to enter your table number and caption.

One advantage of doing this (apart from being able to see the title!) is Word will update the table numbering if you insert another table and caption before that table.

When you're happy with the layout you can delete excess paragraph marks.

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