Jonah1000 20:20 18 Apr 2003

Hi all, I just need to know if there is a shortcut to insert the current date on a word document. I think it is something like this =NOW() or =DATE() or something like that. I can't seem to find it in any tips or tricks for word websites. I'm 100% sure I have used this before. I know that if you use ALT-SHIFT-D it will work. But I need this code/shortcut so i can save it in a word documen. Please point me in the right direction. Many Thanks.

  harristweed 20:32 18 Apr 2003

To view field codes in Word goto tools/options/view and tick field code box.

The date code is ¨{DATE\@"dd/MM/yyyy"}

you can also use alt-F9 to toggle codes.

  csqwared 20:34 18 Apr 2003

Jonah 1000

Not quite sure if this is what you require. On the toolbar in Word go to Insert/Date & Time and in the window that opens select the style of date/time required. In the bottom left hand corner of this window is a small box "Update Automatically" - just tick it 'n' bobs yer uncle.


  MAJ 21:28 18 Apr 2003

I think =NOW() is for Excel, Jonah1000.

  woodchip 21:48 18 Apr 2003

If it's like WordPerfect look under Insert in Menu

  Jonah1000 19:55 28 Apr 2003

At last I remember how to do it. First you have to set it up. Go to the INSERT menu. Select ‘Date and Time’, then choose which format you wish to use i.e. 28 April 2003. Then hit ALT + F9 this changes the date to reveal the field code. Hi-Lite (select) the field code and then select INSERT menu, AutoText and click on AutoText. This will in turn bring up the AutoCorrect window. Select AutoCorrect tab. In the ‘with’ box you should now have the date highlighted in grey. In the ‘Replace’ box, Type a word to be replaced by the date, i.e. date(). And then OK. When you now type ‘date()’ in a word document it will now be replaced by the current date. Remember: To insert the date and time as a field that's automatically updated when you open or print the document, select the Update automatically check box. To maintain the original date and time as static text, clear the Update automatically check box. It’s like magic.

  VoG™ 22:10 28 Apr 2003

And about twice as long as typing in the date!

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