Word refusing to re-name files

  Baz9 05:27 29 Jul 2003

Word on XP has, without warning, decided to refuse to allow me to re-name files. It flashes up the message "If you change the filename it may become unusable. Do you want to change it?"
I've tried changing the attributes to no avail.
Lord knows why it decided to start doing this.

  -pops- 05:54 29 Jul 2003

This may be because you refer to the file elsewhere on your machine (or XP thinks you do) and renaming will then make it invisible.

Assuming you are trying this by "Rename", have a go at opening the file then calling up "Save As" from the File menu and naming the file from there. You will have two copies, yes, but you can then delete the original.


  oglemire 06:34 29 Jul 2003

Sounds like your changing the file extension from .doc . Try renaming it using the format newname.doc , the message should then not appear. Alternativly you can set explorer to hide the file extensions. You may have recently changed this to show file extensions which would explain why this started to occur.

  keith-236785 06:40 29 Jul 2003

make sure the file is not in use (open) before trying to rename it.

  DieSse 08:53 29 Jul 2003

I think oglemire has hit the nail on the head - this is a standard Windows message if you try to change the type of a file, by changing or omitting the extension name.

  Jester2K II 09:46 29 Jul 2003

Include the .doc on the end of the name.

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