Word Processing problem, Open Office and Libre Office

  Glen 15:06 09 Nov 2012

I have long used Open Office, but recently I read in PC Advisor that Libre Office (derived from it)was better. However printing an envelope in Libre Office seems almost impossible. When the print order is given, the small text window to the left shows the wrong size, and when printing a DL envelope it clearly shows and gives the size of a B5 envelope. I did not make a mistake in selecting the correct size. Can anyone help and is this a problem with Libre Office? Glen

  TonyV 20:23 09 Nov 2012


I have Libre Office version and just tried to print a DL envelope and had no problems.

When I prepared the envelope, I went into Format/Page and selected DL Envelope. then Landscape. This set the paper size. I then typed the envelope with a return address on the top right side and the recipient address amid-ships. Put the envelope in the printer, long ways in and bingo.

As a matter of interest do you have to change the paper size in the printer properties? I didn't on mine. I also have to say that I am using a MAC, but the principles should be the same on a Windows machine.


  TonyV 20:34 09 Nov 2012

...top Left Hand size.....

Tony V

  Glen 16:14 11 Nov 2012

Thanks TonyV however I have tried using both Open office and Libre Office for envelopes.The procedure is identical.Open Office works every time. I choose DL and the correct measurements show underneath (as they do with Libre Office). I then click "New Doc" and Libre shows the incorrect size for every setting I try. For example DL should be 220 x 110, but I get "257 x 182 (B5)" and when I try C$ envelope I get "357 x 216 (legal)".

Open Office always works correctly. I have Vista Business, a HP Deskjet 840C, and use Libre Office

It seems I need to switch to Open office every time I want to type an envelope. Glen

  TonyV 16:38 11 Nov 2012


I do not understand what is happening. In Libre Office, when I click on New I get an A4 blank sheet Then I go to Format/Page and change it to DL/Landscape and up comes the correct envelope size. It will stay like that, and I type on the new page layout (which is the envelope) and everything is fine.

I have even saved the document as a Template by clicking on File/Templates/Save, give it a name and away I go.

So I am not sure what is happening on your machine. Sorry I can offer no more help!



  Glen 12:05 12 Nov 2012

Thanks again TonyV Now I have got it! My procedure with open office was to go to Insert/Envelope which worked. The same does not work in Libre, but your procedure is exactly what I want. Thanks again. Glen

  TonyV 14:03 12 Nov 2012

Glad to be of assistance!



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