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  Glen 20:50 31 Mar 2012

My wife has a W7 laptop and uses Open Office. Twice in the last 6 months she has disastrously lost the first page of a complex two page document. After working for many hours,regularly saving her work, she has got to the end, and found the first page gone. The document is still listed under its correct title, but only page two comes up. The hard drive contains very little and is easy to search, both manually and using the search function. The missing page is not in the Recycle bin either. Can anyone tell me how this happened? Could a false move on the keyboard have done this? Short of printing each page as it is completed, how can it be prevented in future. The whole document took a number of hours to complete, with a meal break in the middle.She has now reverted to doing the Agenda and minutes in longhand! Should I start using Libre Office instead? Help please. Glen

  lotvic 22:04 31 Mar 2012

When you say only page 2 is left, I presume you mean the contents of what was page 2 is now on page 1. And the complete document has now only got one page instead of two pages.

Or do you mean that page 1 has become a blank page (text gone from view) and the document still has two pages?

If so is it possible that there are now actually three pages not two?

page 1 (text that you thought was lost),

page 2 (blank and you thought was page 1),

page 3 (that you thought was only page 2)

Writer should 'flow' onto page 2 when page 1 is full (just keep typing it goes onto next page automatically), is it possible wife is pressing Ctrl+Enter to insert a page that might cause there to be a blank page between the two with text on?

The only way I know of to delete a complete page along with the text, is to have all the text selected and then press delete.

I suppose it's not possible now to find out the exact circumstances (what keyboard presses etc)? or maybe you could experiment to reproduce the 'problem'.

  compumac 22:19 31 Mar 2012

I will suggest what might be considered a lunatic suggestion but has actually happened to myself. I had a document of several pages and had been selecting various entries in the text and changing the colour of the text to emphasise a point. At some juncture I had mistakenly selected, as I thought one colour, but must have inadvertently clicked on white. The pages being white did not therefore show the selected text and I did not realise at the time. It took me quite some time to realise what I had done. As I said - lunatic suggestion but........

  Glen 11:14 01 Apr 2012

Thanks LOTVIC. There is only one page left & no blank page. The remaining page has the page 2 text. No sign at all of another page. She definitely did not select and delete, or use Ctl+enter. Also she did not try to open a new page, but used the 'Flow through'to page 2. Thanks also to COMPUMAC but she definitely did not change text colour (doesn't know how to yet). Unfortunately she is now back to pen/pencil and paper. I am told that Open Office is getting a bit old, and Libre Office is more up-to-date. Would that be a more reliable Word Processor? Glen

  lotvic 12:56 01 Apr 2012

re Libre Office, not used it as now got MS office, so cannot offer an opinion other than it should be okay. ClickHere for history and comparison of the two.

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