Word - Print copies default

  GrumpGramp 09:19 04 Apr 2005

Word now defaults to 3 copies whenever I ask for a print. How do I change this back to 1

  pauldonovan 09:41 04 Apr 2005

...you can change them - it varies from printer driver to printer driver but there is often a 'Print Copies' default setting, bet someone/something has changed it.

  Ant two 09:58 04 Apr 2005

Check your printer properties through control panel. You can set all defaults there, from number of copies to quality and orientation.

  GrumpGramp 10:26 04 Apr 2005

Thanks but not a printer problem, works OK with Publisher but not with Word or Internet Explorer – I think an Epson scan direct copy caused it. I have done the same again with just one copy set up which worked OK but did not clear the problem

  pauldonovan 10:34 04 Apr 2005

..might be worth getting in touch with epson /searching the epson support site then.

I would expect publisher, word and IE to behave in a similar way regarding printing defaults. I read somewhere about macros (in the word normal.dot template) being an issue but that wouldn't explain the IE problem.

  Peter 13:37 04 Apr 2005


I have come across this sort of problem in the past when I needed to print out several copies of a particular document. If I just set say 10 copies and printed them all would be okay later with the default 1 copy returning by itself, but if I set the 10 copies and then went into the printer properties and changed say the print quality and clicked APPLY then the 10 copies setting would be stuck.

To unstick it I would set it to 1 copy and then go into the printer properties, change a setting and press apply. This would reset the copy default to 1 copy. If changing a setting in the printer properties might cause problems choose one that toggles and set it twice clicking apply between each setting and the value toggled should be back to its first value.


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