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  conrail 11:08 30 Sep 2008

Hi guys, using xp home with office xp, I am involved with a local organisation and we are presenting a cheque to a local charity and we want their logo on the front of the cheque, one of these large things used just for promotional opportunities, no problem but I have been asked to print it out 18 inches x 3 inches, the best I can do with word in landscape 11.5 inches x 3 inches, how can I get it to operlap the pages in word. I have added a page break but when I resize the picture it disapears off the edge but not onto the other page, all help gratefully acepted

  Chris the Ancient 11:48 30 Sep 2008

File/Page Setup/Margins tab - set landscape
File/Page Setup/Paper tab and overtype the offered size with the one you want.

  conrail 12:01 30 Sep 2008

thanks Chris the Ancient, but it is not printing out the full picture, just one page, half the picture

  Chris the Ancient 12:33 30 Sep 2008

Not having any paper that size, I can't try it.
Did you tell the dialog to ignore the fact that the set margins were outside the printing area?

  conrail 13:34 30 Sep 2008

yes ignored margins, paper is A4, file print preview shows all of picture but again only prints half on one A4 page

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