Word with Office XP

  dth 15:18 02 Jun 2004

How can I stop Word from opening a new window for each letter than am writing?

Many thanks

  spanneress 15:28 02 Jun 2004

Errrr...not sure I am reading this correctly...is this not why windows is called windows?

What is it you are trying to do? Like the old 'Word Star'? and have one document tagged onto the bottom of another?

Bit more detail please...

  dth 15:41 02 Jun 2004

Sorry if my post was not very clear.

With Word (from Office 97) I could work on letter 1 and then start letter 2. With Office XP word when I start on letter 2 (leaving letter one open)- there are two instances of Word open. So when I am working on 5 letters (rather than them be contained within the one instance of word) there are five word entries on the taskbar.

In effect I am looking for the facility to group them all within the one - like what would happen under Office 97.

Hope that this makes sense.

  Djohn 15:43 02 Jun 2004

Agree with spanneress. Unless I have misunderstood the question then word will open a new window for each separate document you write. If it's the same document then new pages will appear as you need them at the bottom of the screen.

  Djohn 15:46 02 Jun 2004

Crossed post. I think this is the way it's meant to work. It does with mine anyway and I too can have several documents on the taskbar and just swap between them. j.

  Peter 15:49 02 Jun 2004

I think the real question being asked here is how to stop a new instance of Word being opened for each document. This was an "improvement" added to Office XP. I don't know how to achieve this, but I would be interested to know how for future reference.


  ventanas 15:59 02 Jun 2004

Been trying for two years to get it as it used to be. I don't think there is a way. It's the same in Word 2003 as well.

  dth 16:01 02 Jun 2004

Yes Peter thats it.

I found a 'work round' (from this messageboard
- of course) last year to stop this with Word
2000 but someone told me that there is a built
in option to switch it off with Word XP but I
can't find it.

Come back Word 97 all is forgivin'.....

  spanneress 16:01 02 Jun 2004

Hmm..'tis in Office 2k too...am looking into it. Used to be able to do it..you are absolutely right..used the window on toolbar to flick between documents....

  Djohn 16:23 02 Jun 2004

Have I followed this correctly? Are you saying that with 97 you had just the one application of "Word" open but could have many documents.

With "Word" XP and 2003 each new document opens Word again as a separate application. If so does this cause any problems that would be cured with reverting back to the method used by 97?

  spanneress 16:33 02 Jun 2004

Yup..in the old days, the only way to view all the docs you had open was to go to 'window' on the menu and it would list all open documents..alternatively, I used to 'alt+tab'... I *do* remember teaching a work around to students in later versions, but as dementia has settled in (LMAO) I forget..use it or lose it it seems!!!

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