Word Margin Problems

  [DELETED] 15:21 04 Oct 2003

I use Office 2000 pro. and have had problems with page setup that I did not have with Office 97.
When setting page margins in Word I set all margins to 1.5 cm but Word will not allow the bottom margin less than 3.16cm. If I choose to ignore rather than change it will appear ok on monitor but when printed it leaves this 3.16 margin on bottom of page that looks ridiculous. I have set it up as described above and hit default button to no avail. I know my printer will print to 0.5 to the bottom margin so what am I missing? Regards to all G.

  [DELETED] 16:15 04 Oct 2003

Not too sure if this may be the problem, but if you click on "View" from the word toolbar you will see an option to allow for headers/Footers. If this has been set as default, then word will measure the 1.5 from the top line of the footer margin rather than from the bottom of the page.

This Header/Footer margin is to allow for page numbers and or other information. If I'm wrong on this, maybe someone with further help will see and correct. j.

  [DELETED] 16:26 04 Oct 2003

Thanks Djohn, I removed the footer but problem still there, its amazing how one can use a program for years without this happening and just when important documents have to be prepared,--- sods law I guess. If I cannot fix this, will have to put Word 97 back on. Regards G.

  [DELETED] 16:31 04 Oct 2003

Hold on for a while if you can before removing 2000. There is bound to be an answer to this and I'm sure that someone will know. They will see your post and reply. If your post slips to the bottom of the help page, just refresh it to bring it back to the top. Just a full stop [.] will do it. j.

  [DELETED] 16:37 04 Oct 2003

Thanks for the positive thoughts Djohn, I will hang on. Regards G.

  Alan2 16:49 04 Oct 2003

Are you able to make the other changes to the margins that you want?

I ask this because I recently had a similar problem whereby my default (normal.dot) was letter paper size with all the wrong margins and when I thought I'd changed them they were lost.

However, I could create another template, called say A4, with everything I wanted and the only hassle was in having to go through the silly template choosing routine (word 2002).

My problem arose from my deletion of the normal.dot template trying to fix some (now) long forgotten problem.

I ended up asking Microsoft for help - and got it - to fix it.


  [DELETED] 16:55 04 Oct 2003

In word click on File/Page setup, then "Paper" Mine is set at Letter.

Width 21.59

Hight 27.94

Regards. j.

  [DELETED] 17:06 04 Oct 2003

Will give some thought to that Alan2, maybe I will have to do as you did, cap in hand to Bill.

Djohn, yes mine is set as yours. Think that I will do as I should have and uninstall then reinstall. Will post result. Regards G.

  [DELETED] 17:09 04 Oct 2003

Sorry Alan2, I did not answer your query. Yes I have no trouble with any other settings only the bottom margin.

  [DELETED] 17:24 04 Oct 2003

.In word the global margins setup is controlled by the printer allocated to print. Some printers need more to pull paper through and word will allocate bottom pull-thru margins according to printer selected.
.If its a laser printer make sure the margin setup on that is the same as word.
.Ensure your page default is set to A4 and portrait.
.make sure your measurement options are in mm for A4 not inches as it would be with Letter size paper.
.3.16 is the default margin in any word doc so your Word is defaulting to the norm. The bottom margin on any word doc cannot be less than 1.8 mm. 2 is what we use as standard setup. 1.8 at top (with .6 header), 1,5 left with 2 gutter (with no gutter 2.5)left, 2.0 right, 2.0 bottom margin (with 1.6 footer).
.Make sure the normal.dot template is set correctly in terms of measurement, size and margins. You can delete this at any time and create a new one with the margins you want. Follow the how to guide in help file its quicker than typing here and quite simple.
.Make sure you do not have GUTTER selected in page setup. This allows for a ring binder margin to be fitted for large docs. In portrait its at the left in landscape its at the bottom so you would have a 3.16 margin at bottom of page. Any subsequent margin will be in addition to this. Its just a tickbox facility and many switch it on by accident.
This problem is not really a problem and have seen it many times before with word setup options, its just a settings error. The best one was a new girl who set her Word template up to A5 and landscape insisting it was what they did at her last job but was amazed when it only printed a litte square in the centre of the A4 page sideways on, and she struggled for 3 days to put it right before asking for help. So dont worry. Hope this helps. Jane

  [DELETED] 17:29 04 Oct 2003

I'm puzzled - a bit.

I'm now on Word XP - and I can't reproduce your symptoms! I can set up bottom margins less that 1cm, but the page prints with a bit more.

Do the margin set up 'thingies' disallow an apparent less than 3.16 but then print in their own sweet way?

Or do they allow a less than 3.16 and then then print...?

The reason I ask is that some printers are very touchy about how much paper they will print on to stop overspray (on an inkjet) for instance. Even laser printers have a forbidden zone. I think, in the old days, they used to call this 'printers' bleed', for where the press needed to grip the paper. And I think this has been inherited by modern printers.

When you had 97, did you manage to print your requirements successfully? Have you used exactly the same template for 200?

Sorry about the apparently darnfool questions, I'm just trying to get my head round it and throw some ideas your way!


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