Word MailMerge & Excel

  mmmmmm 11:37 16 Mar 2003

I am having problems with linking any Word MailMege document to Excel. I am using Office 2000 with Windows 2000 Professional and have had no problem with this until recently.

The message "Waiting for Microsoft Excel to accept DDE commands" shows in the status bar and it goes no further. I then have to go to task manager and stop the "not responding" Word program.

I have got a workaround from the Microsoft website by selecting the method of using the data source of "Microsoft Excel Worksheet via converter" which is fine for new documents, but any existing MailMerge file just hangs...

Would be grateful for any advice!

Phil Birch

  recap 15:48 16 Mar 2003

In Excel: Tools, Options, General tab, uncheck "Ignore Other Applications" may work.

  brambles 20:13 16 Mar 2003

I would recommend that you open Excel/Select all & copy.

Open Word & paste into a new file - name it whatever - it will be in table form & providing you have copied the headers as well then the whole mail merge can be in Word.

Please try it I do this regularly for various reasons.


  AndyJ 21:35 16 Mar 2003

Don't know if this will help
http:// support.microsoft. com/support/kb/articles/q212/3/14.asp

  AndyJ 21:37 16 Mar 2003

Oops, sorry....mucked the link up

click here. com/support/kb/articles/q212/3/14.asp

  AndyJ 21:38 16 Mar 2003

Don't believe it....did it again...it's been a bad day !!! Try again

click here

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