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  doug vem 11:28 12 Oct 2003

My Christmas card list is in Word and it now needs updating. I also have a hard copy of an Excel sheet with these entries on. However, I cannot remember how I produced it. Is there a way I can export the present Word label sheets to Excel, make the amendments sort by name etc. and convert back to Word for printing the labels?
Thanks in advance.

  Roland Butter 12:13 12 Oct 2003

your most likely chance of conversion is to copy and paste both/each column seperately into Excel.
Of course you are not going to have much sorting capability as each cell will have all the individual's contact data. Other than that you will have to get busy cutting and pasting.

  pj123 16:41 12 Oct 2003

I think your best bet is to open your mail merge document and then go to Tools, Mail Merge, Edit and update or add to your mailing list from there and then save. That is the way I do it.

  R4 16:55 12 Oct 2003

Output your word document label sheets as a comma delimited file and then import this into excel.

  doug vem 17:02 12 Oct 2003

I've been looking but can't see how to do that. Help

  pj123 17:05 12 Oct 2003

R4, I am using Office 2000 and I can't find an option to output as a .csv file. Where is it?

  pj123 17:06 12 Oct 2003

Sorry, doug vem you beat me to it.

  R4 19:21 12 Oct 2003

You can save as a *.txt file which can be imported into excel:
I assume you label is of the format :--

name,address 1, address 1,address 1,town, county,
postcode, etc <CR><NEXT Page>

Next label.

if you have a <CR> instead of/or the commas you can remove the enblock in the text editor and then change Next Page into CR (ie end of record)

or you could do this before saving to *.txt using find & replace

  doug vem 11:19 13 Oct 2003

Thank you both. Those suggestions should be sufficient so I'll tick the box.

  Taff36 11:26 13 Oct 2003

Just a suggestion - If you have the original Excel File why don`t you make the ammendments in that first. Then in word mail merge the address labels again using the Excel file as the database?

Either open up your original merge document and go TOOLS > Mail Merge Helper or in XP Tools> Letters and mailings. Or simply open a new document and mail merge the labels from scratch.

Post back with your version of Word if you`re stuck.

  doug vem 21:45 13 Oct 2003

Thtas just it. I can't find the excel type file on disk. I'm wondering if it was a funny dB from the Word Mail Merge but I can't reproduce it. It's Word 97 by the way. At present I'm following Roland Butter's suggestion and laboriously cutting and pasting each line. There must be a simpler way.

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