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  highside 17:28 31 Dec 2005

Help please, cant see answer in the helproom, I am doing something stupid!
I am trying to insert a page of mixed formatting as a second page to another word document.
I am enforcing a page break and trying to insert (INSERT FILE etc) the new doc into that second page. The doc to be inserted has Text, Columns of info and then more text. It is in Break sections with Continuous breaks between text and columns. It looks fine on its own and prints OK. It is only about a half A4 sheet in length. (portrait) BUT when I insert it into the second page of original doc it splits itself up over the second page and yet another page one which it inserts itself.

  VoG II 17:39 31 Dec 2005

Have you tried instead of forcing a page break, inserting a Section Break - Next Page.

  Chris the Ancien 17:52 31 Dec 2005

If you click on the Show/Hide (looks like a back-to-front P on the tool bar) button to see where your breaks are occuring as well. The text will look funny, but all the breaks will show a lot better as well.

It is quite easy to accidentally put extra things in (that you didn't mean to) that can upset layouts. And when you've finished, you can hide all the marks again by clicking the Show/Hide again.

  Pamy 17:56 31 Dec 2005

Can't you just copy and paste?

  Diemmess 18:12 31 Dec 2005

It is a pain to see everything change willy-nilly against your hopes.
The format of the inserted page will upset what comes after, unless you insert another section break at the end of the inserted page.

I think that if you are in to publishing programs, you will recognise the Style window at the top left and use this function appropriately to save all this fuss.
You may, but I don't!

  highside 21:45 31 Dec 2005

Thanks for your replies, unfortunately still have the problem. Have tried inserting more breaks and copy paste to no avail. Will try the Styles idea tommorrow. The key is in the columns formatting as any text or drawing docs insert OK but any form of colum does not.

  Diemmess 21:52 31 Dec 2005

Word will accept a table within a single cell of a pre-existing table.

If you have text - columns -and then text again you could try a single column table with 3 rows and see if you can paste the insert into those three cells, and then get rid of the borders and juggle the paragraph format to look best.

Not the elegant way to do it, but anything that works has to be helpful

  highside 23:12 01 Jan 2006

Thanks for help, for the record I found the following method seems to work OK.
Prior to inserting the second doc I put a continuos break before the page break at the end of the first document, even the original footer appears to be as it should be.

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