Word - how to set default view on new doc

  palinka 13:31 13 Nov 2003

When I start a new doc in Word it used to open in Layout view. Now it opens in Normal view. I know how to switch to Layout, but I want it to open that way by default. Can't work out what i've done that has changed it.

  Taff36 13:57 13 Nov 2003

I`ve tried the following with both Word 2002 and Word 97: Open word and it brings up doc 1. Change the view and then close word without saving anything. (If you are prompted to save changes to the normal.dot template say yes however.)

In 2002 version the next time you open word it opens with the last view used. In Word 97 this didn`t work. I had to open word then open the normal.dot template, change the view, then save the template and close word. Reopening brought up the document in the saved view.

Hope this works!

  palinka 14:28 13 Nov 2003

thanks Taff36.
I knew about it opening in the last view used; that's why it was a puzzle that it didn't seem to be working that way now. I'll check again with all the docs that have behaved like this.

  Taff36 14:42 13 Nov 2003

Because it behaves differently in the two versions I have immediate access to I am a little suspicious myself.

Be warned though - I think word remembers exactly which view any document was closed down in and opens it in that view. I regularly get documents from my colleagues who only ever work in normal view and that`s the way it will open. I don`t think you can change that.

The method I described above only affects new documents based on the normal template e.g. when you open word for the first time.

  palinka 15:39 13 Nov 2003

ah, thanks Taff36. That might be the reason in my case. It hadn't occurred to me.

  palinka 15:40 13 Nov 2003

I'll tick resolved and keep an eye on it.

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