Word help (ex WP user)

  Carafaraday 14:28 03 Aug 2004

My new pc won't run Word Perfect so I am forced to try and work with Word - any help would be greatly appreciated.

1. Recommend a book to assist me - I understand the basics of word processing the WP way, I just need to get to grips with the way Word works.

2. Specifically, how to work with tables in Word. I want to be able to decimal align columns. at the moment I can only align right left or centre.

  Djohn 14:41 03 Aug 2004

Look to the top left of the of the page when in Print layout view and after inserting a table you will see the tab shaped like an L click on that to cycle through the options. The one you want is the upside down T

  pj123 14:52 03 Aug 2004

Further to Djohns response the one you want is the upside down T with a dot. The upside down T is a centre tab. Hold your mouse over it and it will say what it is.

  Taff36 14:58 03 Aug 2004

Well spotted pj123!

Which Version of Word do you have installed and more importantly when it was installed did you choose the option to install the help files specifically for WordPerfect users? If not we can tell you where to find them.

In Word go to help and type in "WordPerfect" - It will list a few tips and tricks plus some useful help files.

Also type in "Working with Tables" and that should give you more specific information. Suggest you print a few pages off before you rush out to buy a book.

Post back if you`re stuck.

  Djohn 15:07 03 Aug 2004

Must get my eyes checked. I use the decimal tab quite a lot and took it for granted it was the third one offered in word. :o(

  Taff36 15:17 03 Aug 2004

Re-read my post. Help should give you the information but the add on`s for WP users is an extra. To check if it`s installed we need to know what operating system you have as well as the version of Word. (e.g. Windows XP and Word 2002)Sorry - hope I`m not confusing the matter

  Curio 15:25 03 Aug 2004

This should help click here

  Carafaraday 16:34 03 Aug 2004

First of all many thanks to everyone who took trouble to respond.

I'll try the upside down T + dot - I knew it worked for tabs, didn't know it would also work in tables.

I am using Word 2002 - part of the package with Windows XP home.

Am off to investigate Curio's site - I may be some time!

  Carafaraday 16:43 03 Aug 2004

Can't seem to work out how to use the T + dot in a table..........

  Djohn 17:01 03 Aug 2004

Choose the type of tab you wish to use then place your cursor in the cell and use the Ctrl key at the same time as the Tab key.

  VoG II 17:06 03 Aug 2004

Or select the whole of the column that you want to format. With the T. selected, click on the ruler at the top at the position where you want the decimal point aligned.

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