Word gone to Read-Only?

  Christofh 09:39 15 Mar 2006

Suddenly in Word all I can do is read or print existing documents. All other options including editing, copying, deleting are 'greyed out' on teh Word screen, and I cannot even start a new message. But I have not converted all of My Documents to read-only mode - the problem really does seem to be with Word (Word 2003 - came with Office SBE) Incidentally I do not have a similar problem with Excel.

When I try to edit a document I ger a message at the bottom of the screen saying "This modification is not allowed because the document is locked".

I have found nothng in Microsoft's Help that addresses my problem. Can someone out there assist?

  Christofh 09:47 15 Mar 2006

In case it is relevant, I shouldprobably have added that my system runs on Windows XP Home

  AndySD 09:47 15 Mar 2006

click here and have a look at Methods 1, 2 & 3 but my first thought would be to Rename the Normal.dot template and let Word renew it.

  Christofh 10:36 15 Mar 2006

Thanks Andy. They were all good ideas, but I have tried them all, including reinstalling Word (in fact all of Office) to no avail. But interestingly when I tried renaming normal.dot (which I did) and then restarting Word it did not generate a new normal.dot file. What does this tell me?

  MESH Support 10:40 15 Mar 2006

This is what happens when Microsoft trial software expires. It allows you to open documents but not amend or create new ones.

Usually when this happens though all products in office would lock simultaneously.


  Christofh 11:01 15 Mar 2006

Almost certainly this is what happened. Interestingly it is a Mesh PC which was with Mesh for some substantial work and was returned just a few weeks ago. It looks as though it was returned with a trial version of Office on it. I then installed full Office on top, but the trial version underneath is asserting itself sufficiently to disallow any amendment or creatiion of new documents. I am due to get in thenext few minutes some software and help to remove both versions of Word (and Office generally, which now seems also to have locked up), clean up the registry files and then reinstall my own version of Office.
When it's OK I will return and log my problem as Resolved.

  beynac 11:06 15 Mar 2006

Is it possible that all you need to do is "activate" the software? (Help menu)

  Christofh 11:09 15 Mar 2006

I did try that, but it didn't work. It seems as though the version of Word that comes up on screen is the Full paid-for version, which doesn't of course need activating, but all the time the trial version is lurking in the background stopping me doing things. The Mesh guy I spoke to simply called it a conflict between the two versions.

  beynac 11:18 15 Mar 2006

The 'full paid-for version' does need activating. However, if you've tried that it's obviously not what's causing your problem.

  Christofh 16:04 15 Mar 2006

I confirm that I have now resolved the problem as outlined above. Mesh supplied the relevant instructions plus 'clean-up patch' which has now given me back a functional Office 2003 SBE. Phew. Thanks to all who contributed to discussing and resolving my problem.

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