Word / Excel problems

  collinsc 13:16 28 Apr 2010


A few quickies….

I tried renaming an excel doc but I was unable to and it said “this is being used by another person or program” – but this is a local document, no-one else has access, it was not open, neither was anything that would be using it - can anyone confirm why?

I am trying to ‘save as’ a document I.e the same name, but when I try to save it it says it is “Read only” so I must change the name, it is no ‘read only’ on properties and I cant think why it would be – it wasn’t a few weeks back! Again this is a local copy, not accessed by anyone else.


  collinsc 14:55 28 Apr 2010

anyone!? ta

  TonyV 15:16 28 Apr 2010

Sometimes this means there are two copies of the document already open. (Maybe a double click when trying to open it). Does it look as though there are two copies open? i.e press the RH top exit cross and see if a copy still appears on the screen.


  collinsc 16:54 28 Apr 2010

Tony - thanks, but no it wasn't that. very bizarre. It's happened before and im not sure why.

  Rahere 17:39 28 Apr 2010

Excel can do that - maybe you are working on an emailed copy and the file is in a temporary folder?

Otherwise reboot and try again - if that's an option!

  collinsc 17:55 28 Apr 2010

Rahere - thanks, yes that is an option, but i just wondered why it occurred!.

This is on a network drive at work. It is not an emailed version.

  Rahere 15:51 29 Apr 2010

I worked at a place recently in an attempt to streamline processing incoming items, we were all working from one excell file on a networked drive - It didn't work well at all.

multiple users'data was lost each time it was saved with warning about other users etc in the end I saved a local copy and copied the my work in later to avoid any loss of work.

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