Word documents blocked for editing

  Done and dusted 09:09 19 Oct 2005

I can access my documents created with Word but when the Microsoft Word screen opens the only options open to me on the toolbar are Open, Print, Print Preview, Zoom and Microsoft Office Word Help. It is as if all my Word documents are locked and yet I have made no changes that would cause this to happen. Can anyone help?

  Done and dusted 09:17 19 Oct 2005

It may help to know that I am using Windows XP and a free 60 day trial version of Word that came pre-loaded on computer - the trial period has not expired yet.

  Jackcoms 10:06 19 Oct 2005

You may have partially answered your own question:

"I am using .... a free 60 day trial version of Word that came pre-loaded on computer"

Although you say the trial period hasn't ended, you probably have a 'cripple' (or limited functionality) version of Word.

  anchor 12:27 19 Oct 2005

I cannot comment about the trial version, and what limitations it may have.

Something to try: open my documents, then right click on a file. Select Properties, and check that "read only" is not ticked. If it is, remove the tick, and click apply.

  PaulB2005 12:43 19 Oct 2005

The trial version of Word is not crippled in anyway until the trial period runs out.

Can you check on Help, About to confirm the trial end date.

  Done and dusted 16:03 19 Oct 2005

I did as suggested and tried Help/About. Although I could not find an expiry date, when I clicked on the disabled items button it said there are no items disabled. This area of the screen was 'greyed out'.

Also as sugested opened document. Having selected Properties the Attributes area is also 'greyed out' but Read Only is not ticked, neither are Hidden or System, Archive however is ticked.

Thought it might be worth checking to see if Excel had the same problem and it has. Up until yesterday both were working fine.

  Fred the flour grader 16:22 19 Oct 2005

this could be a problem if you are using the software on a network. We come across this a lot at work where everybody has their own log on password to the network but can open and edit documents on a common drive. If someone were to log off without saving and closing the document it remains open for editing to that person.

If your computer is on a network this could be the answer, hope this helps you....Fred

  Done and dusted 16:36 19 Oct 2005

Stand alone computer at home but under Windows XP each member of the family has their own separate log on with password. These are not showing any programs as running when I hover over them with the mouse.

If it helps all Office documents are locked not just one.

Also, when I click on the Properties for 'Microsoft Office' the Read Only box is ticked there. I can change it but every time I re-access it, it has gone back to Read Only.

  Done and dusted 17:00 19 Oct 2005

Getting more puzzled as the day goes on!

If I cannot find an expiry date, how will I know when the trial has expired? Does Office normally exhibit these characteristics when it has? (By the way, I have not been offered a chance to purchase.)

If it has expired and I do have to buy Microsoft Office 2003, what's different about the academic version which I understand is a lot cheaper and where can I get one from?

  mco 17:55 19 Oct 2005

have you heard about Open Office? It does the same as Microsoft's stuff - including the Word you're having trouble with, but it's free. Do a seach and download it

  Done and dusted 19:20 19 Oct 2005

Thanks for that but I have two lads at High School both using the full range of Microsoft software - Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint etc. It's much easier for them to stick with the same software when they're bringing work home.

Getting back to the problem, does anyone out there know what's happened to my Office software?

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