Word document - finger slipped - blank page!

  shepherd 17:41 26 Jan 2003

I was working on a saved document after a gap of a few hours. I was saving the work regularly (Control+S). My fingers slipped whilst saving once again and the page was wiped of its data (a table containing text). The previously 'saved' file was not to be found anywhere! (not in Recycle Bin, not as .bak etc.) Any ideas, please?
Not had this one before!

  Lú-tzé 17:48 26 Jan 2003

Try the "undo" button - the back pointing arrow.

  harristweed 17:50 26 Jan 2003

If you have saved a blank document - I fear that you have lost your data.

The previous saved file will have been overwritten with a blank file of the same name!

  Tenner 18:00 26 Jan 2003

Have you checked to see whether the page of data hasn't mysteriously slipped down and become page 2, ?

This is what happened to me recently.

My problems are i)desk top icons don't activate items in My Documents ii) that all my personal entries in Auto Text have disappeared, leaving only those supplied by $MS and iii) page numbering omits page 2

Excuse my sharing your thread, but it may be a related topic.

My regards

  VoG™ 18:24 26 Jan 2003

Check in Windows Explorer for a file of the same name with the extension .WBK - a Word backup file.

  BRYNIT 18:29 26 Jan 2003

Which word? if it is word 2002 and you have checked the always creates a back up copy box in tools/options/save you should have a copy in My docs file. If you didn't you will have to start again sorry to say.

For future ref if you go into tools/options/save you will be able to

1. Tick save auto recovery info, state how often, this will save a copy if the comp crashes.

2. Tick always creates a back up copy so if you save a blank page by mistake you should find a backup.

Depending on your operating system, some Word documents are saved not only as .bak files but as .tmp files within a temp folder inside of Windows. I've had great success finding files that way; when you identify a temp file with the same date/time that you lost the file, try changing the .tmp file extention to .doc. Good luck -- Matt

  Y Cymro 18:47 26 Jan 2003

I am afraid that I am no expert when it comes to computers but I have lost a number of word / excel files in the past (when I was using Windows 95).

Go to search (or find) on the start menu and try searching for a .TMP file. You should be able to identify your missing file from the list (by reference to the date and time displayed).

If the file will not open (because it does not have a program attached to it) - change the .TMP suffix to ".doc". The file should then open in word and you can "save as" the original file name.

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