word default page setup

  tonyq 20:51 16 May 2006

please can anyone help,when I change the page setup (margins & paper size)and set them to default, the next time I use "Word" they have changed back to what they were.

Word-Office 2003


  johnnyrocker 20:53 16 May 2006

try saving as a template?


  ade.h 21:13 16 May 2006

To expand a little on that rather brief post; you should search for normal.dot (not .doc by the way) and save a copy of it. Then rename it to normal.old. Open Word and make your margin changes. Save to the same location as the renamed file, with the name normal.dot and the document type set to template. Then delete the renamed file.

  DieSse 22:40 16 May 2006

You can save it as MyNormal.dot (or something equally clever) if you don't want to mess with or delete the standad blank page. Then you open new files using the new template.

It isn't unusual to have several customised templates for different purposes - even different blank ones.

  tonyq 11:25 17 May 2006

Thanks for all advise,will give your suggestions a try.

  tonyq 17:40 17 May 2006

I think I’ve found out what’s happening, sometimes I open Word from, Start-Run-winword /a
The reason being it opens quicker than the normal way, which runs a virus scan when opening.
When opening the start/run way it creates a new normal.dot file that looks something like ~$normal.dot with the standard default settings.
When I open by the normal way by clicking on the Word Icon it opens up O.K with the margins/paper settings I had previously set to default opening.
I now open the normal way having deleted the ~$normal.dot template.
Thanks for your help.

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