Word count of Word files

  [DELETED] 18:24 23 Jun 2003

anyone know a free and simple to use utility that counts the number of words in a series of Word document files?

  [DELETED] 18:44 23 Jun 2003

Counting the total of words in say, seven documents?

I don't know of any software that would do that, but if your're stuck, you could always use word count from the tool menu and add them together with the calculator, lol.

I know, I know you probably already do that, but at least this bumps your thread up again.


  [DELETED] 19:43 23 Jun 2003

This easy to use, but only works with .txt and .rtf files - click here

This approach uses the IncludeText field - click here

This is really a Find & Replace routine, but if you searched for every space (and replaced with a space), you will, in effect, be counting words - click here

Here is an MS .dll, with example code - click here

A commercial solution - click here

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