Word, background colour in text box'

  bumpkin 17:18 16 Aug 2015

Hi all, not used Word for a while. I have a textbox and want to change the background colour of just the box not the whole page, the text is black.

Can't find the option.

  Aitchbee 19:53 16 Aug 2015

Right click on one of the small sizing squares on the outside of the textbox to bring up menu. Then choose 'format text box'. Then select fill color.

Using old 2000 version of word.

  xania 14:45 17 Aug 2015

In Word 2007, when you first open the text box you get a new tool bar which allows you to change all the formatting of the box and it outlines. However, I cannot find a way to get back to this formatting toolbar once you start using the text box.

  AroundAgain 15:30 17 Aug 2015

Bumpkin, what version of Word are you using?

Knowing the version will help. There are so many versions being used, I think, and they all seem to be so different. HB has 2000, xania has 2007, I have 2010

Having said that, HB's post covers all these version, ie Right click on the text box to get a menu, in 2010 I click on 'Format Shape', then in 'Fill', check 'Solid Fill' is selected, then in the box 'Fill Colour' click on the Colour box and choose your colour. On my PC, I have the option re Transparency as well. Then click 'Close'

  BRYNIT 17:26 17 Aug 2015

In Word 2007 you just click on the text box and it will open the format tab to allow changes, I think Word 2010 will be the same.

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