Word Art will not print

  xuroys 12:07 15 Jul 2008

I have just started using a new computer with Vista. I installed a copy of Office 2003 and most things print OK but for some reason it will not print Word Art generated items either in Word or in Publisher.
HELP !!!!

  jack 15:02 15 Jul 2008

Any way if it transpires to be a 'Vista thing'
Do a searxh of Microsoft help database.
Go the help file in the package and type in the field Word Art no print or similar and see what turns up- or Go online to M/S
There are issues with Vista and some software[ even M/s's own] does not always work.
But there is a way out

Download click here print screen .com
And then pen your image editor or is you do not have one- MS Paint- to be found in Programs/Accessories.
Go to Edit - click on 'Paste as New image'
Crop to just the image
Then print from there

  jack 15:05 15 Jul 2008

try this one
click here
or Google the name

  xuroys 15:23 18 Jul 2008

Thanks for the suggestion of making an image. That works but why will the MS programs not do what they're supposed to do ?

  shellship 15:28 18 Jul 2008

It may be that the printing properties of your printer are set to draft. Try it with the properties set to a better quality.

  Ditch999 17:50 18 Jul 2008

Set the printer properties to "Print as graphics" under True Type Mode

  lotvic 19:53 18 Jul 2008

You have not set it to print Drawing Objects in your Options.

Word 2003 > Tools > Options > Print - and make sure there is a tick in 'Drawing objects' and also 'Background colours and images'

  xuroys 20:57 18 Jul 2008

I have this problem with both Word 2003 and Publisher 2003 but only when printing with the new desktop PC with Vista Home Premium. I have followed all the suggestions and I downloaded SP3 for Office 2003.
Still no success. The stupid thing is that my laptop with XP Home WILL print Word Art with the same programs and the same printer and my old desktop, which also ran XP Home and these same programs could also print Word Art with the same printer !!!

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