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  carvers 22:53 22 Jan 2003
  carvers 22:53 22 Jan 2003

I created some documents in word which were later deleted but are still showing on the path to documents. I deleted the documents, but when word is opened and file is clicked there is still a path shown to these documents one of which reads c:\...thompsons correspondence.doc but when this is clicked on there is no path to it. I would like to delete this path but as there is nothing there i cannot find it and using search facilities does not help. the documents are deleted but the path is still showing. probably something silly and easy. can any of you techs out there help?

  Wak 22:57 22 Jan 2003

If you use a few more files in Word, the ones you deleted will gradually work their way to the bottom of the list, drop off and disappear

  jazzypop 22:58 22 Jan 2003

If you mean the list of files at the bottom of the File menu, that is known as a MRU, or Most Recently Used list.

As you open and close more documents, the file will drop off the bottom of the list, never to be seen again.

If you are keen to get rid of the file paths right now, open Word and go to Tools > Options, click the General tab, and change the 'Recently used file list' to 0. Close and re-open Word, go back to the same place, and re-set it to whatever value you like.

  Peter 00:47 23 Jan 2003


I don't know which version of Word you are using, but in Word 97 (from Office 97) you can remove file entries from the "Recently Used File List", shown when you pull down the File menu, by using the following procedure:-

Open Word (A blank document shows).

Press and hold the Control Key, then the Alt key (still holding down the Control Key) and then tap the minus (-) key (just to the right of the zero on the line just below the function keys).

The mouse cursor should turn into a bold underscore character.

Use the mouse to pull down the file menu. If you click on an entry it will be removed from the menu. Be VERY CAREFUL because ANY enrty on the menu, not just the file names entries, can be removed PERMANENTLY.

Use the above information at your own risk.


  Peter 12:33 23 Jan 2003


  Peter 20:41 23 Jan 2003


You have ticked this one as resolved. Which solution worked please?

  malith 21:48 23 Jan 2003

Hello Peter
Very interesting TIP. Thanks.

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