Word, Access, Labels and a Printer..... not alignd

  : : Radioactive Frog : : 14:09 29 Mar 2004

im hoping someone can advise me on how to solve or get round this....

i am using word and access version 2000 on win98se with an epson stylus 400 printer with L7162 labels....

When i print the lables (which look goo on screen) the first line is good but as of the second line it gets a bit wrong. they start of printing just slightly too high for the label and by the end it is across two lables :( i have tried playing with the margins but with no luck, i have tried moving the text down with the enter button and i can get 10 of the 16 labels on a page ok but the last few start to loose the bottom lines off the label....

if someone could sugest things i could try then that would be great. Even if it is linking another porgram with MS Access (assuming there is a trial version i can try first !!)

Thanks in advanced very much to any replies


  Sir Radfordin 14:18 29 Mar 2004

Make sure your printer is set to use A4 paper and not Letter (or anything else) as Letter is slightly longer than A4 (and American).

You can normally change this from the control panel/printers but if you post your OS then than someone can give better instructions.

  : : Radioactive Frog : : 14:21 29 Mar 2004

Thanks for the reply, i did post the OS it is win98se!! but i have got it set as A4 paper!!

Thanks ayway....

anyone else ....


  Sir Radfordin 14:43 29 Mar 2004

Ah yes so you did sorry about that.

Have you tried using Access' lable wizard to create the lables and/or the wizard in Word?

'fraid I've only seen this problem when one of the paper settings (in word/access/printer) has been set to letter :(

  : : Radioactive Frog : : 14:51 29 Mar 2004

i assume by the label wizard in word you mean the mail merge label wizard, then yes i have. But i have not used one specifically in Access only the one that links word to access....

if im undertanding you right and there is one in access alone, how would i go about using it?



I take it you have set the lable options in Word and access to the L7162 size? If so, all MS programs should print these with no adjustment of the margins at all.

Go to Tools - Letters & Mailings - Envelopes and Lables and select the lables tab.

Click on "options" and make sure in the "Lable Products" drop down box "Avery A4 & A5 sizes" is selected. You should now see L7162 as an option in the box below. Select this and "OK"

All lables should now be set for this size and margin.

Forgive me if you have already tried this.

  : : Radioactive Frog : : 16:01 29 Mar 2004

Thanks for the adivice.....i can confirm that i am selecting the label size and i have tried printing with no adjustments to the margins :(

any other suggestions :(



  Sir Radfordin 16:19 29 Mar 2004

Open up your Access database (assuming you have one?) create a query that has the fields you need (if you don't already have one) and then go to the Reports section. You then have the option to create lables and it will walk you through the rest.

  conrail 16:53 29 Mar 2004

go to click here and download the software foc for your os, or look for the 0800 freefone number, call them and they will send you out a free CD, when installing the CD it will give you an option to obtain free packs of labels, register with them and they also send free offers, no problem setting up the labels and they print perfectly

  : : Radioactive Frog : : 17:48 29 Mar 2004

thanks for the link, can i link it into a Access DB?

Personally, I feel that if the facility already present in Word and Access will not print the labels correctly, then any other software will have the same problem. I would tend to focus on the cause of why if the lable setting is correct, it is shifting the margins. The reason I hesitate is that whatever margins the printer is set to normally are overridden for the lable template loaded in the envelopes and lables section. Loading new software that creates another template that is the same as the exisitng one would have the same problems....wouldnt it?

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