Word A4 document from PC to Tablet - line spacing

  compumac 11:27 02 Oct 2018

I have a very long Microsoft Word A4 document that contains text of different sizes and different tables plus pictures etc, all created on a desktop PC.

If I copy that document across to my Android tablets everything transposes across exactly with the exception of line spacings in one or two different areas resulting in the start of one page appearing on the bottom of the previous page, meaning that I need to go through the whole document to move areas downwards.

I came across this many years ago when I had the similar problem in that the receiving Microsoft Word was set up as the American standard paper size resulting in detail appearing differently. I have checked on the Android devices are set up as A4, and anyway I would have expected the A4 layout to carry through.

Page setups are the same on both PC and tablets.

Any suggestions as to why?

  Jollyjohn 15:41 02 Oct 2018

In MS Word click on the backward P character and this will show all the hidden characters in the document. There is a difference a new line created by you typing off the end of the line compared to you pressing Enter. There is another option of Alt + Enter. Add into this mix Page Breaks and Section breaks and this is why the document is not appearing exactly the same on the tablet.

If you can, Export the document as PDF and then it will appear exactly the same.

  compumac 18:50 02 Oct 2018


I did know about the backward P and have used it many times to identify seeming anomalies, but the document is copied to the tablets and not adjusted in any way and I would expect it to appear in exactly the same on the tablet as it would in Word on the desktop. There are page breaks contained within the document where some pages are in Landscape with the majority being in Portrait mode.

  wee eddie 10:54 03 Oct 2018

I think that you have answered your own Question.

'Word for Android' has fewer features than regular 'Word'. Possibly the ability to change from portrait to landscape, within a single document, is not among them or not fully enabled.

  compumac 11:35 03 Oct 2018

wee eddie

Changing from landscape to portrait and back again in the same document IS carried through to the tablets.

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