Word 97/2000 and Insert Date

  Neill 20:20 08 Jul 2003

I'd like to have a date automatically inserted in a Word template (in a Memo heading) so when I open the template (File, New), todays date is there. The completed letter is then saved as a Word document. That seems straightforward but if I open the saved document some dayslater, Word puts in that current day so I don't know when I originally wrote the letter.
I've tried inserting the Date through Insert, Date and Time and through Insert, Field, Date and Time but the opened Word document always picks up the current days date. I though there was an option to right click the date and Update Field option that would update the date but only if you requested it but haven't had much success there either.

  madPentium 20:39 08 Jul 2003

Im sorry but I only have word 2002. When I create a blank template and insert date/time there is a box I can tick to say update automatically. Is this option in 2000?

  Neill 21:02 08 Jul 2003

The problem is when you open a document saved earlier. The date changes to that days date. To have the date to appear in the template I have Update Automatically switched on so the current date appears when the template is opened. Thanks anyway.

  Jester2K II 21:11 08 Jul 2003

See this thread - answer at the bottom....

click here

  Neill 21:38 08 Jul 2003

You're a star. Thanks very much.

  Jester2K II 21:49 08 Jul 2003

What big, hot and gassy? How did you know??

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