Word 97 won't open

  techdunce 19:40 30 Nov 2007

I'm having problems with Word not opening properly.

Everything else on pc seems OK

I have Windows XP.

I can get my saved documents open by going through the Winword icon on desktop and then through 'file'.
Sometimes I can begin a new document sometimes I can't.

If I try to access a document from 'my documents' I'm getting error messages 'word cannot open' and 'make sure the document has a .DOC extension'.
Click OK and I get the 'document name or path is not valid'
Do this four times and the document will open.

Phoned Microsoft who were very un-helpful, basically told Word 97 is no longer supported, you'll have to upgrade.

I can't un-install and re-install as the disk is lost.
One friend has suggested downloading OpenOffice and this should solve the problem. Another said search the web the fixes are out there.
Are they? where?...I no see them...

Well I searched the web - found nothing I could understand so thought I'd try asking here.

Is this something I just have to put up with? will it get worse in time or even become terminal?

Can anyone advise please?

  MAJ 19:49 30 Nov 2007

Have you tried deleting all instances of Normal.dot (there might be more than one Normal.dot) after closing Word, that can sometimes work wonders for Word problems? Word will create a new Normal.dot when it is restarted.

  techdunce 19:52 30 Nov 2007

MAJ - re Normal.dot yes I have tried that avenue. Someone walked me through the process but nothing showed up.

  wee eddie 19:54 30 Nov 2007

What Anti Virus have you currently installed? How often do you update and run it?

I'll tell you why I ask. This sounds like the first Virus I ever caught, sometime back in '98 during my days of innocence.

  VoG II 20:03 30 Nov 2007

"nothing showed up" - click here

  MAJ 20:05 30 Nov 2007

Nothing showed up, because Normal.dot is a hidden file, techdunce. When you go to Start > Search > For Files and Folders > All Files and Folders, choose the "More Advanced Options" option and choose to "Search Hidden Files and Folders", "Search System Folders" and "Search Subfolders". There will be at least one Normal.dot file, maybe more than one.

  techdunce 20:11 30 Nov 2007

Maj - thankyou - if I go off and do that check now what might I find and what do I do after that,

  MAJ 20:25 30 Nov 2007

you will find at least one (maybe more) Normal.dot file/s. Make sure word is closed, then delete all the Normal.dot files that are found. Then restart Word and see if it has cured the problem.

  MAJ 20:27 30 Nov 2007

NOTE: The file is called Normal.DOT .......... NOT.......... Normal.DOC

  techdunce 20:28 30 Nov 2007

I'll go and do that now...will let you know in a bit how I get on

  techdunce 20:35 30 Nov 2007


That did'nt take long - Only four found, one was this forum the other two
c|:Program Files|Microsoft Office
and one
c:|ProgramFiles|Microsoft Office

Have deleted them - but sadly no change with Word.

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