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  kentylad 21:01 31 Mar 2005

I have been asked to produce a simple table as part of an interview using Word 97.

I am (usually) quite competent with MS Office, however I am being given a bare bones system with (As stated before) Word 97.

I have to create a table that has a thick outer border, say 2pt, and each of the cells within the table have a border of 1pt.

I cant seem to produce such a table in Word 2003, and with no Word 97 to hand; I was wandering if anyone can point me in the right direction using Word 2003

Kind regards


  mattyc_92 21:08 31 Mar 2005

If you want, I could try to create the table for you.... I just need to know, how many rows and columns you need

  Paranoid Android 21:33 31 Mar 2005

Create the table. Select it, then select borders and shading on the format toolbar.

Under the borders tab, click the box on the left for Custom. Then select the point size 1pt. Now click the inner borders (in the preview pane).

Next select point size 2.1/4pt then click on the each of the outer borders (in the preview pane).

Click OK.



  mattyc_92 21:35 31 Mar 2005

OK.... You seemed to have worded alot easier than I was going to Paranoid Android... lol

  kentylad 21:41 31 Mar 2005

Absolute leg-end


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:41 31 Mar 2005

format menu- borders and shading set to 1pt

insert tables icon

select no.of rows and columns ok to insert table.

table should now be drawn at 1 pt.

format b&s again select 2 pt select all of table click icon showing square without cross in middle.

outer edge of table sould now become 2 pt

  Taff36 21:42 31 Mar 2005

In Word - Table>Insert>Choose Number of columns & Rows. The borders are down to Selecting the table (Click in any cell,Table>Select Table and then Format>Borders & Shading). Now select the NONE box - basically to wipe out any formatting at all. Then select your point size FIRST, then click on the graphic box where you want the borders.

Post back - I haven`t got 97 in front of me but read the thread title!

  Taff36 21:46 31 Mar 2005

But your internal borders will be the default which are Half Point. Post back! (Print it out & you`ll see what I mean.

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