word 2007 opens up wth certified toolbar

  roadrunner63 23:18 29 Mar 2013

Hello again.

I recently sought help in removing 'certified toolbar'(browser hijacking malware)from my home web page, & after following the advice of an advisor, was eventually able to delete it.

Or at least I thought so, until 3 days ago, when I opened up Microsoft word 2007,& lo & behold...'certified toolbar'!

How the hell that got there, I really don't know or understand. I am aware that it's very clever at hiding itself in the system...but word??? It would really be oh so nice to see the back of this s* virus once & for all.

Once again, if anyone knows how to deal with this problem, their help would be very much appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance, for any help & assistance offered.



  Woolwell 12:11 30 Mar 2013

How did you open word? If from a shortcut icon it is possible that the virus (certified toolbar) is linked to the icon. Delete the shortcut icon and create a new one.

  roadrunner63 22:58 31 Mar 2013

Hi Woolwell,

Thanks for getting back to me yesterday.

In my haste, I should have mentioned that I click start on Menu button, & from there click on word.

Hope this helps.

I also read from your answer, that IF it wasn't/isn't in a short cut, that it may be I would/will have to delete word, & re-install?

Yours Sincerely


  Woolwell 11:32 01 Apr 2013

Have a look at the properties of the Word shortcut from start by right clicking on it. It is possible that the exe file has been changed.

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