Word 2007 load times

  cactusjack 10:33 11 Aug 2008

Hello everyone,

Just a quick question - to my knowledge, this is the first occurence of this issue for me. When double clicking on a word document in My Documents folders, Word 2007 can take 30 seconds to load the document. But when I open a doc through Word 2007 it loads instantly.

Does anyone have any idea why this is the case? I have installed all of the latest Office 2007 updates.

Thank you.

  rawprawn 11:37 11 Aug 2008

It's the same with me, I think it is simply a case of Office loading Word and gathering all the information needed.
I shouldn't worry about it unless it takes an inordinate time to load.

  Batch 12:11 11 Aug 2008

By way of contrast, I still use Office 2000 (don't see any need to upgrade - does all I need).

Loading a document from My Documents etc. with Word not already running takes about 2 seconds. With Word already up and running it is so fast - litearlly in the blink of an eye.

  cactusjack 12:42 11 Aug 2008

This is interesting. I am a student and have upgraded to 2007 because my university is doing the same in September. On my old machine, I still run 2003 - never had any stability issues with that, and load times are very very quick.

Why does 2007 have to be annoying? :-(

  cactusjack 12:42 11 Aug 2008

oh sorry I forgot to add - Power Point 2007 documents load instantly from My Documents folders....

  rawprawn 14:23 11 Aug 2008

I have just checked mine and it only took about 5 seconds to load, it may be worthwhile running Office diagnostics.

  Ditch999 14:34 11 Aug 2008

Mine just took about 1 second to load!

  mimosa418 15:08 11 Aug 2008

I have been using 2007 for some time now and noticed that the loading times seem to reduce with usage.

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