Word 2007 insert from scanner - not there!!

  compumac 22:43 12 Jul 2009

I have been using Word 2003 for some considerable time but recently installed Office 2007 onto my main PC. Despite using the 2007 version for some weeks now, it was only tonight that I needed to insert a picture from scanner. I now find by googling that others have raised the question of this missing function and that the only way now is to scan, save the image and then insert.
Anyone know better?

  woodchip 23:09 12 Jul 2009

why not open Word, then in Menu maybe under Insert you can find Acquire for Scanner

  woodchip 23:36 12 Jul 2009

That's a faff with Office. I use WordPerfect different versions and I only have to do as above

  BRYNIT 07:09 13 Jul 2009
  compumac 08:58 13 Jul 2009

Thanks for that. Alt + IPS works great - brings up the scanner!!! Works fine. So easy.
I had every confidence that someone on the forum would come up with an answer even with spending all yesterday afternoon trawling the web and not coming across a good alternative.
This confirms this forum as being one of the better forums for obtaining solutions, quickly

  woodchip 16:15 13 Jul 2009

Well me I would not swap from WordPerfect to Office. The Law society still use WordPerfect for lawyers

  woodchip 16:31 13 Jul 2009

no idea but i would not change. I still use old version 8 although I have loaded WordPerfect Office Ready think that version 12. yes just checked it is 12

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