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  281apple 08:03 26 Sep 2007

Sorry if thIS question isn't too technique, but I'm up the creak..! How can I insert a photo (JEPG, BMP, HTML or other) into a text on Word 2007 so that the text goes all around the photo top and bottom and on the sides? My guide for Word 97 don't say how for Word 2007. THANKS.

  Brad G 10:36 26 Sep 2007

add the picture to your word document as normal.
you will notice that the text cursor has appeared at the bottom right of the image which is no good as you want to type around it.

move your mouse pointer up to the top right of the image, and you will be shown a move tool. now move the mouse pointer a little to the right, until the mouse pointer symbol changes to an illustration of a picture with lines around it ( black square, and lines ) double click, and the text tool will now focus there, allowing you to type which will wrap around the picture.

  281apple 11:50 26 Sep 2007

It took a few minutes to get used to it but it works.Thanks a lot cause I got only one answer and it was the right one.

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