Word 2003 - top & bottom margins vanished

  Radico 18:39 20 Jun 2005

A little while ago whilst using Word 2003, I pressed something on the keyboard, cant remember what, and my top and bottom margins dissappeared. On looking in Page Setup, all the margin settings are as they should be, and I have even tried resetting them to default, to no avail. It is very annoying, please help!

  Eric10 18:52 20 Jun 2005

If you hover your mouse over the top or bottom edge of a page the cursor will change to one with two arrows and a tool tip should appear saying "Show White Space". Just click the mouse here and your top and bottom margins will be restored.

  Peter 21:54 20 Jun 2005


I think you may have switched out of "Page Layout" view. Try going to the View pull down menu and selecting the "Page Layout" option.


  Radico 22:05 20 Jun 2005

Eric's tip did the job - thanks very much guys.

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