Word 2003 Text Box Color Infill and Lines

  Malcos 19:53 30 Nov 2005

Selecting Textbox allows me to insert coloured text but the Fill Color and Line Color commands on the Drawing Toolbar, although displaying the full palette of colours available, do not work when selected and the box remains white and the line border black. Does anybody have an answer, please ?

  VoG II 19:58 30 Nov 2005

Left click the text box to 'activate' it then right click the border. Select Format TextBox. You can then change the line and fill colours.

  Malcos 20:13 02 Dec 2005

Thanks to VoG for your suggestion but right clicking the text box gives a box saying Move Here, Copy Here or Cancel. There is no option to select Format Text and no Colors and Lines tab.

When I click on TextBox on the Drawing toolbar a drawing panel opens saying Create Your Drawing Here. Left clicking within that panel allows me to open a textbox into which I can type coloured text. When I then use the Color Infill and Lines buttons and palettes the text box remains white and the outlines black. How do I activate these controls ? In Word 97, which I used for several years this was never a problem.

Can anyone help please ?

  Mr Magpie 20:37 02 Dec 2005

VoG is Right.Left click inside your text box so that it is highlighted (a narrow border of hatched lines and a few small circles should appear round the box).
Now right click INSIDE THIS BORDER (the cursor will change to a 4-way arrow when you're in the right place).Select 'Format text box' then 'colours and lines'.

  Malcos 16:58 03 Dec 2005

Thank you Mr Magpie for your suggestion.
I have done exactly as you suggest, selected in infill colour and a line colour, but the box remains white and the border line, although displaying the chosen thickness, displays in black.
The chosen colours appear beneath the paint tin and brush buttons in the Drawing Toolbar but the screen display remains black and white.
Do you or anyone else have any other suggestion ?

  VoG II 17:07 03 Dec 2005

Step 1 click here

Step 2 click here

Step 3 click here

  Malcos 18:53 05 Dec 2005

Thank you VoG for your suggestions and the 3 steps. These are in fact the 3 steps I have been taking but my computer fails to display the coloured infill and the coloured border displayed in your test example Step 3.
I have now discovered that if I print Step 3 it DOES print in colour but the screen display remains black and white.
Has anybody any further ideas on this, please ?

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