Word 2003 Sections and page headers

  johnincrete 05:59 29 Nov 2014

I am constructing a book by inserting 9 Word files into one file. It is some time since I last added a file and now I want to add the third file but I can't get it to work properly. At the end of the existing part of the book, I insert break, section break, next page. I then change the page header to be the title of the next chapter, having deleted "same as previous". Now I insert file and the header reverts back to the previous chapter's that I had changed. The file being inserted has no header/footer.

Has anyone any idea of what I am doing wrong?

Always I have had this problem with Word 2003. The idea of putting it all into one file is so that I can put it on a stick and get it photocopied. There will be about 200 pages.

  BRYNIT 08:04 29 Nov 2014

This Youtube video should help CLICK HERE

  Peter 00:16 30 Nov 2014


I assume that you are opening the file you want to insert, selecting all it and copying it into the new document. If this is the case try selecting the text of the file you want to inset (Control A) and then, before you insert it into the new file press Control - Left Arrow (just once) and the final carriage return should then not be highlighted. Copy the text, as it is now, into you new document. This should solve your problem.

The reason for this is that somehow the formatting of the document is contained in the final carriage return and if the final carriage return is copied into the new document it can override any previous formatting.

Sorry if my explanation doesn't sound very convincing, but I think it is worth giving it a try.


  Peter 18:56 01 Dec 2014


I've just noticed a mistake in my previous post. To remove the highlight from the final carriage return character use the Shift-Left Arrow key combination, not Control-Left Arrow key combination as previously suggested.Sorry for any confusion.


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