Word 2003 Page numbers

  johnincrete 16:48 18 Jun 2010

I have a document where the first 2 pages are the front and back of the front cover and should not show a page number.
I have followed Word Help instructions exactly several times and, in each case, I get page number 2 in the footer of the front cover - section 1 - and nothing on any other page.
I was definitely in section 2 footer when I selected Insert/Page Number as per Help and set it to 1.
Please help before I tear what little hair I have out or throw the computer out of the Window.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:00 18 Jun 2010

Insert - Page Numbers - Untick show number on first page

  skeletal 19:39 18 Jun 2010

I think that, possibly, you may have the footers in section 2 set to “Same as previous”. You need to isolate the two sections so that you can delete page numbers etc. from the first section and only show them in the second (or only add them to the second section in the first place). I am making the assumption here that you have set the first two pages to be section 1, and the rest of the document as section 2.

You need to look on the Header and Footer toolbar, when in the footer of section 2, for “Link to Previous” or “Same as Previous” and make sure it is set so they are not linked (I can’t remember the exact wording as I’ve not used 2003 for a while).

Then insert page number when in section 2 (or delete existing page numbers when in section 1).

You can also highlight the page number and set it to restart numbering at 1, otherwise the “first” page will actually say page 3.


  BRYNIT 20:31 18 Jun 2010

Hopefully this should help click here

  johnincrete 06:25 19 Jun 2010

Thought this might crack it since the page setup had not been used before.
But, in section 2 footer, with first page box unchecked, clicked format, already at page one, clicked OK and the inside front cover was displayed (== page 2 in section 1) with the Insert page number dialogue box. OK puts page two in footer and NOTHING on page 3 = page 1 of section 2. Clicking cancel gets nothing in either footer.
Yet again, the reality does not follow the Help

  skeletal 20:07 19 Jun 2010

What happens if you try my suggestions?


  johnincrete 04:38 20 Jun 2010

Your suggestion is what the Help says to do. Often I use sections to change headers in long documents but never before have I tried to change page numbers in the footer. Because Word is a word processor with limited DTP features, I usually construct covers to documents in my favourite PagePlus which makes manipulation of pictures and text so much easier.
Unless I can soon overcome the problem in Word, I will remove the first two pages into Pageplus.

  skeletal 22:46 20 Jun 2010

It can be difficult to track down exactly what someone’s problem is; I wonder if I’m slightly misinterpreting your problem, or perhaps something has corrupted.

I use Word a lot and set up documents with multiple sections. It is very common for me to have the first section use one style of page numbers (or none at all), and the next section to use a different style, and to be renumbered.

If you like, you can contact me directly via the yellow envelope and send me your document, or at least a cut down first and second section (removing any data that you may not wish me to see obviously). I can have a play and either cure your problem, or at least understand better what it may be, even if I can’t solve it!


  johnincrete 05:46 21 Jun 2010

Thanks for your offer.
I could not waste any more time - the document must be printed today for distribution tomorrow - so I deleted the first two pages & produced the front cover in PagePlus.
In fact, both the pages for the front cover were scans of an original document done as a picture,(Insert/Picture/From Scanner) each expanded to fit the page (the original was A5) I have never had the patience to master Word's treatment of pictures so maybe this is the problem.
I will take up your offer & rebuild the doc - it's a Bible study course on the book of Nehemiah - and send a few pages by email. Meanwhile, I have marked this post Resolved

  skeletal 09:43 21 Jun 2010

I agree that getting pictures to do what you want is much harder than it should be. It is not that unusual for a picture to disappear off one page, but not reappear on the next; it gets lost between the pages. Just how does it do that!

However, after devoting years of study, it is possible to do almost anything in Word (or for that matter the whole of Office); sometimes an apparently insolvable problem can be sorted by a single mouse click, if you know the perverse way how to click that is.

Any time you want to contact me privately go ahead. I’m actually interested in what has happened to your document, you may have discovered a new bug!


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