Word 2003 Default View?

  Simsy 14:48 17 May 2006


We use Word 2003 at work. I've got an issue with opening documents;

Often documents open in "Reading Layout" view. This is a nuisance! Is there a way I can make documents in "Print layout"

It doesn't seem to follow the last mode, regardless of the document.

(And for what it's worth, it happens on different PCs. During the course of a working day I may be on 5 or 6 PCs... during the course of a week it may be 14 or so different machines, so it's not a change I can make to a machine setting)

Thanks in anticipation,



  Dirty Dick 14:57 17 May 2006

Taken from the "Word Help" window

About reading layout view
If you are opening a document primarily to read it, reading layout view optimizes the reading experience. Reading layout view hides all toolbars except for the Reading Layout and Reviewing toolbars.

Note When you open a Microsoft Word document that you have received as an e-mail attachment, Word automatically switches to reading layout view. If you don't want to use reading layout view for e-mail attachments, clear the Allow starting in Reading Layout check box on the General tab of the Options dialog box (Tools menu).

  scotty 15:01 17 May 2006

I am not certain but I think it may be linked to the default template for new documents. These are stored in a file named normal.dot. Try opening normal.dot, change the view type and then save it.

  Simsy 15:02 17 May 2006

Thanks for that... but it's a default setting I'm after...

Dirty Dick...

I'd been in the Help files, with out finding anything, and I'd been in the "General" tab, (always the best place to start with this kind of thing)... I just couldn't see the wood for the trees.

I think you may have cracked it, but I'll hold off ticking for a day or so!




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