Word 2003 - changing units of measurement

  heidelberg 15:20 26 Apr 2005

Can anyone help. I have recently purchased the Student and Teacher edition of Office 2003 and am very pleased with it.

However their is one minor niggle that is irritating me somewhat. I seem unable to change the unit of measurement in word. At least when I use the Tools -> Options -> General coomands and attempt to set it to centimetres (it is already set to centimetres actually) the Page Setup option under File shows measurements in centimetres, but the horizontal and vertical rulers show something else (I can't say what because the numbers are too close together)

Any suggestions?


  Taff36 15:48 26 Apr 2005

Dave - I use Word 2002 but If you change the zoom to page width does it look any better?

  heidelberg 15:58 26 Apr 2005

Taff 36

Thanks for response. If I zoom in the numbers get further apart. I usually work at the Page Width setting when they are pretty close together.

On an A4 page set up it looks as if the horizontal bar shows millimetres (about 210 units) and the vertical bar shows some thing that measures up to about 70 units - whatever that is it isn't millimetres.


  Taff36 16:12 26 Apr 2005

The height should be 297mm of course. What happens if you change the margins in page set up?
(Apologies have to go out - someone will pick this up for you)

If all else fails before I get back to you tomorrow night. Try a detect and repair - shouldn`t hurt anything. Or close Word and delete the normal.dot for your user setting and restart Word.

  heidelberg 21:38 26 Apr 2005

Have tried changing margins - no effect. Have also tried detect and repair and deleting normal.dot - both with no effect.

Taff36 - thank for your help so far

Any other suggestions?


  Taff36 22:41 27 Apr 2005

What size screen have you got? Tell me the operating system. And now .... can you send me a screenshot of what you can see, (If you don`t know how to do this post back.)By the way - are you on broadband or 56K modem connection? Back on line tomorrow morning.

  wiz-king 05:53 28 Apr 2005

Tools/options/general /units of measure

  Taff36 06:46 28 Apr 2005

Morning! See first thread mate :-))

  heidelberg 11:38 28 Apr 2005

Thanks Taff36 and wiz-king.

Windows XP home, 19" monitor, 1024 X 768 pixels (I have tried playing around with Screen Resolution settings)

I can email you,but how do I attach a screen shot to the email?


  Klof Ron 13:32 28 Apr 2005

Have you tried in File/Page Setup/Paper Tab changing the paper size from the US default of "Letter" to "A4" and back again a few times. You can also set the default size to A4 for all documents by clicking the "Default" button in the lower left hand corner.

  Eric10 14:15 28 Apr 2005

The ruler in Word is controlled by the Settings value in the Registry. You can get back to the default settings by deleting the existing value using Regedit.

Close any open instances of Word 2003 then run Regedit from Start, Run. Navigate to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Microsoft, Office, 11.0, Word, Data

With the Data key highlighted, right-click on Settings in the right pane and choose Delete. Close Regedit, restart Word and a new default Settings value will be created. As always, you should backup the Registry before working on it as this is a vital Windows file.

click here for a slightly different method to get the same result.

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