WORD 2000: Toolbars and Menus suddenly missing

  D.on the Farm 14:16 02 Sep 2004

help! again!
I opened up my word proram yestereday and found that all my toolbars AND menus are gone from the page. The page does open and I can type in it but besides the horizontal and vertical rulers nothing else is displayed in the window. There is no "File" or "Tools" or anything to click on along the top. And all the various toolbar icons are gone! What has happened? and how can I get them back? I have tried going to Microsoft's website to download any updates and I also re-installed Office 2000 but neither has worked. Am I just missing something obvious?

Any help would be appreciated. I have Windows 98, by the way, if that tells you anything.

  Chris the Ancient 15:40 02 Sep 2004

Sounds like you accidentally got 'full screen' mode.

Press the Escape key and see if that restores it.


  Diodorus Siculus 15:58 02 Sep 2004

If Chris's suggestion does not work, can you right click anywhere on the top and get a menu? That may give you the options for various toolbars.

  Taff36 16:46 02 Sep 2004

What happens if you use keyboard commands. e.g. if you press the following keys in sequence (Not at the same time) ALT then H then R. Do you get the "detect & Repair" option box. If so this might be the way forward.

Another one to try would be ALT then F then A - this should bring up the "file save as" dialog box. Not very useful but it would prove that the menus and taskbar are just hidden not malfunctioning.

  D.on the Farm 19:06 02 Sep 2004

"escape" does not work.

right clicking along the top of the window yields nothing (right clicking in the body of the page yields a small menu: "paragraph, font, bullets, hyperlink and synonyms"...nothing that helps).

Alt + any key does nothing.. no menus pop up.

  Chris the Ancient 19:45 02 Sep 2004

I realise that you've tried a load of Alt + key combinations. I'm trying grasping at straws here.

Try Alt then V then T to see if that recovers the toolbars then try Alt the T then O to see if you can get the options box.

Desperate gropings, but wort a try.


  D.on the Farm 21:07 02 Sep 2004


  Peter 23:45 02 Sep 2004


I've had this problem a couple of times with Word 97, but I solved it by restoring my C: Drive from a backup image. When I put up a question, about this problem, on here sometime ago the only suggestion was to use the /a command line switch, see below, but as I haven't had the problem since I have not been able to try it. Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 210565 shows information on Word start up switches.

To use the /a command line switch try starting Word from the Run command (Start, Run), and enter the following
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Winword.exe" /a

The "/a" prevent the loading of add-ins and global templates, which might solve your problem.


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