Word ( 2000 ) - Securing Documents

  JimButler 14:45 24 Nov 2006

Can anyone authoratively advise.
If I have a document that I wish to remain `private` I password protect it. Is this foolproof or only reasonably safe... Or perhaps not safe at all ? Is there a better alternative ?
I ask this because in this day and age of each of us having ( and this is outside the work environment ) about half a dozen userids and passwords for this, that and the other it is without doubt nigh on impossible NOT to commit these details to some form of documentation which we endeavour to secure as best as possible.
Please, no replies about NEVER writing down passwords etc etc. I know only too well such recommendations. They are however not practical when, as stated above, we have more than a few to recall. eg we would probably regard G5hJK12OoP5 as a damn good password but I for one cannot maintain 5 or 6 of this nature in my head never to be forgotten ( F0rg0TtEn ?? ).
Ta for any ( non-judgmental ) useful replies.

  sean-278262 14:55 24 Nov 2006

google for easy crypto use that to secure any sensitive files. I do. PCA gave away steganos 5.0 keys a year or so ago and I now use that but easy crypto is free and easy to use and what I used to use. Words password effect can be broken with ease by anyone determined enough to try.

  VoG II 14:57 24 Nov 2006

Excel passwords are notoriously easy to crack and I imagine that Word ones are too.

Personally (and outside the work environment) I use Iron Key click here together wit MS My Private Folder (no longer available).

  JimButler 15:59 24 Nov 2006

Ta very much for ALL comments especially with ref to EasyCrypto which I`ve just d/loaded and it is the business. Ta again.

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