Word 2000 and envelope printing problem

  newearwax 17:29 22 Oct 2004

The start of my 'official'letters are in the form
[tab to ] My address

Recipient address [tab to] Date

To type envs I highlight Recipient address and choose 'Print'. Envelope is printed but the date which is nor highlighted is printed as well. What am I doing wrong? Printer is HP 5150.

  newearwax 15:36 23 Oct 2004


  Pidder 16:25 23 Oct 2004

I print envelopes by copying the address to a separate wordpro document. Did you also see the recent post about highlighting part of a web page and when opening the printer choose "selection"? Works with my Epson 680 but haven't tried it with envelopes yet.

  seedie 16:31 23 Oct 2004

It looks as thought the date is on the same line as the first line of the recipient's address. Give the date a line on it's own.
Let us know how you get on.


  Ankermi31 16:49 23 Oct 2004

Hi I highlight my address then click on Tools.envelopes and the address appears in the box. I then remove the address before giving it the go ahead. I get the address minus the date.

Epsom 740 colour printer

  newearwax 18:25 23 Oct 2004

Seedie, placing date on another line does work and thus is a way to avoid problem.

Ankermi, I'm sorry I don't get your reference to<<remove the address>>.

Basically why should an unhighlighted piece of text be caught up with the highlighted text when the address is printed? It makes no diffreence if I tab or space to date, mysterious!

  seedie 19:23 23 Oct 2004

looking at the problem another way. If the date is on the same line as the first line of the address, how are you able to select all lines of the address without selecting the date. Just tried this with Word 2000 and I can't do it.


  newearwax 19:55 23 Oct 2004

I highlight backwards from bottom line of address to first. The date which stands several spaces to the right of bottom address line is not highlighted as I said above.

  seedie 15:09 24 Oct 2004


Sorry I assumed the date was tabbed along from
1st address line. Just tried it with the date tabbed along the last address line and get the same thing. To be honest I don't really know why; perhaps the highlight is inferred :)

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