Word 2000 - Cannot type text???

  georgemac 07:59 02 Feb 2004

A friend phoned last night. They have word 2000 and all of a sudden they cannot type normal text in any documnet. The cursor does not move. The text colour is set to black. They can cut and paste, delete text, insert a text box and type text into the text box without any problems.

I advised a reinstall of word on top of itself, this did not solve the problem.

I have searched the MS knowledge base which does not throw up any answers.

Tonight I will advise an uninstall and then reinstall.

Has anyone ever seen a problem like this?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:05 02 Feb 2004

Try a repair from the help menu.


Do a search for normal.dot and rename to normal.old

Then restart Word.

  georgemac 10:22 04 Feb 2004

none of the above worked. have asked him to try a complete uninstall and reinstall of office.

Think I will also advise a scan of hard drive with disk tools.

  State Security 16:14 06 Feb 2004

I am suffering from exactly this problem. My daughter sent a Word document from school to her hotmail address, which she saved to the hard disk. But I have scanned all drives with
Norton AV, which is also set to monitor all drives, and also online using Trend House Call and neither found any suspect files.

  georgemac 17:05 06 Feb 2004

strange, my friend scanned with up to date AVG also no virus found, will try and get an update tonight.

  georgemac 16:54 08 Feb 2004

I was assured by my friend that AVG was up to date and no viruses on computer. I took the box out to my house today. No firewall installed.

AVG was last updated 31/01/04, version 365, never ran a scan but updated AVG to latest version, 367. Ran a virus scan and it found 38 infected files, and 5 viruses although I did not see one of the names.

KillaV.G, Dropper.Small.GH, PSW.Tofger.Z, FSW.Keylog.F and 1 other.

AVG wanted me to move a file called msto32.dll to the virus vault but it could not be done as the file was in use.

I did a search on the net, and pparently this group of 5 viruses arrive like this.

An email arrives asking you to look at this website. When you open the web page the viruses are sent to your PC through an open port. It creates 5 files on your hard drive, and infects the system restore files, starts a keylogger and reports back to a server when you are online.

To cure I disabled system restore, rebooted into safe mode and deleted msto32.dll

I then rebooted normally, and AVG resident shield detetced a virus on boot up.

I scanned again with AVG, 2 files were infected and the PSW.Tofger.Z & FSW.Keylog.F viruses were present. AVG managed to fix these 2.

Scanned with AVG again and no viruses found. Re-enabled system restore, and can type text in word now.

Tomorrow, sygate firewall will be installed, a visit to windows update to download critical updates, spywareblaster and spybot will be installed, and a visit to steve gibsobs site to run shields up before the PC goes back to my mates.

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