Word 2000

  Curio 18:40 17 Mar 2005

How do you import a graphic into a Text Box

  Peter 18:45 17 Mar 2005


Insert your Text Box into your document, click in the box and then Copy & Paste the graphic into the Text Box.


  lotvic 18:58 17 Mar 2005

I think It's the other way round - you insert a Text Box into the graphic.
Ask the help wizard in Word for 'insert graphic' then go to 'learn about graphics in Word' and click on 'Display Topic' for a tutorial (with illustrations).
quote "You can add callouts, labels, and other text to your graphics by using text boxes. After you have inserted a text box, you can use the options on the Drawing toolbar to enhance it as you would for any other drawing object. Or you can add text to an AutoShape and use the AutoShape as a text box."

  Curio 19:00 17 Mar 2005

Tried that. All I got was the title of the jpg I was trying to insert. No graphic

  lotvic 19:02 17 Mar 2005

You posted while I was still typing...
must be two methods, now I've learnt more!
many thanks lol

  Curio 19:03 17 Mar 2005

Investigating lotvic's info.

  lotvic 19:11 17 Mar 2005

I have just opened a new word doc
inserted a Text Box (dragged it to the size I wanted)
then (with the flashing cursor inside the box) I went to the Insert menu and chose Picture and from file.
Found the jpg I wanted and highlighted it then I clicked on Insert
and I have now got a picture inside my Text Box.

Nice one Peter !

  lotvic 19:16 17 Mar 2005

I hope you get the info for what it is you want for your finished doc, I think? that Peter had opened the pic file and copied it to clipboard first, before pasting into the Text Box.

Hey, that would make three ways to do it!
(going to try that now)

  Curio 19:28 17 Mar 2005

Have succeeded in copying Clipart into Text Box. However the Text Box and the Clipart are two separate entities. At the moment I am moving Both objects one after the other to a new location.
Also succeeded in importing a jpg into Text Box but currently unable to alter it in any way. Thanks for the info. Will continue practicing/experimenting.

  lotvic 19:30 17 Mar 2005

Peters first post worked for me, I didn't need to open the pic file, just selected it and right clicked 'Copy' then went to doc Text Box and my picture opened up in it.
So am puzzled now, as all you got was the title of the jpg
I have Word 2000 (part of Office 2000)

  lotvic 19:35 17 Mar 2005

was the flashing cursor inside the text box when you inserted the clipart?
and what is it you want to achieve as the end result?

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