Wonuldnt Maximize Explorer in Windows XP Profess..

  killernofiller101 17:11 03 Dec 2003

Usually, when i use my computer, the Internet Explorer can maximize fully filling each of the corner. But sometimes, it leaves a gap on the top and wouldn't fill it up. This has happened to me an occasional amounts of time. Is there a way of which can fix this?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:32 03 Dec 2003

Top right hand corner of the internet explorer window.

Beside the X is an option to maximise []

Click on that and see if it does it.

If it fills the screen for you, then close IE using file, close and the next time it should be ok.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:35 03 Dec 2003

click here to read:

Maximize Internet Explorer On Opening

Problem: When Internet Explorer opens it can range in size anywhere from that of a postage stamp to almost filling the screen. Clicking the maximize button works for that particular window but the next time you open IE the same situation repeats.

Solution: The default behavior for Internet Explorer is to open at the same size it was at the last time it was closed. While the default does apply in many cases it's not always consistent. Try the following workaround.

* Open a single Internet Explorer window to the smaller size.
* Drag the corners of the window until it completely fills the screen. Do not use the maximize button to enlarge the window.
* Hold down the Ctrl key, keep it depressed, and using the mouse click File and then Exit on the menu bar. Do not use the "X" in the upper right corner to close the window.
* Internet Explorer should now open in a full window.
* If it still opens to a smaller size repeat the above instructions, substituting the "Shift" key for the "Ctrl" key.

  johnnyrocker 18:14 03 Dec 2003

beat me to it guv.


  Djohn 18:17 03 Dec 2003

Reading your post a little more closely, if you use the Maximise button, then the screen should fill completely at that session. Ignoring the closing and re-opening for a moment and IE remembering it's last size. Does this happen in your web browser only, or do you find that it also happens in other applications as well?

If it does, then you will need to expand your display from the controls on the monitor itself to expand, or shift your display to the top of the screen. If I have misunderstood your question and it's only your browser that does this, then try the following.

Open your browser window, Look to the top right for the 3 buttons, the first one is just a line and used for minimising to the taskbar, the middle one has two functions and two displays.

1) a small square, this is the reduced size window. 2) Two small squares overlapping each other, this is the "Maximised position. and the third button is the cross, used for closing your browser.

Click on the middle button so that one square shows, move your cursor to any corner of the browser window, it will turn to a double headed arrow, click/hold/drag the window to a reduced size that is suitable for you. [I have mine a quarter of the screen size so that if I wish, I can have 4 windows open at the same time].

Now if you click on the middle button, it will change from a single square to a double overlapping square, and the window will maximise to fit the screen. Click on it again, it will change back to a single square and the window will reduce back to the size you have set it at.

You now have a choice of a maximised window and one reduced to a size of your choice. Use as you want to while browsing and when you go to log off the net, click on the middle button to select the size of window that you wish to see next time you log on, then click on the "Cross" (X) button to close your browser.

Log on again and the window should be the same size you logged off with. Hope this helps. j.

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