Wont upgrade W2k Pro to XP pro

  Paroxetine 12:52 19 Mar 2004

Hi all,

I got a copy of XP at long last and went to install, thinking I would be best to obtain up dates and drivers I ran the system check first from the web site that MS have got on XP (upgrade adviser download) and they said no hassle, go ahead it will work. Then went to install the OS and it says it can NOT upgrade Windows 2000 Pro to Windows XP Pro. Cant find any information as to why it says since the entire web says other wise. Its been patched so SP4 so is up to date. All system checks carry out fine so I am lost as to why it is saying that.

Any one got any clues?


  AndySD 13:17 19 Mar 2004

Are you trying to upgrade by booting from the cd or running the cd whilst in windows2000?

  Paroxetine 15:12 19 Mar 2004

running from inside windows 2000

  mrdsgs 15:40 19 Mar 2004

that is correct

you can set upa dual boot by starting xp installation from within w2000 but to replace w2000 with xp you will need to boot from the xp cd.


  Paroxetine 16:35 19 Mar 2004

I dont want to dual boot, I want to upgrade and keep all my exisitng files on teh partition if I can.

  mrdsgs 18:41 19 Mar 2004

you need to boot from the cd

this will enable w2000 to be overwritten by xp

be warned that some of your software programs may need to be reinstalled and some drivers may need to be updated.

most people would advise a reformat and fresh install or dual boot.

if you try the dual boot and don't like xp its easy to remove it and w2000 will still be perfectlt intact.


  Paroxetine 19:19 19 Mar 2004

hmmm, kind of defeats the terms of upgrade then doesnt it ? ok, will check it out.. does seem odd that i need to overwrite the partition when I could upgrade.

thanks anyway

  JerryJay 19:41 19 Mar 2004

Is your XP Pro an OEM Version. If it is a OEM version, it may not allow you to install, must install on a "new" machine, a new HDD or a reformat HDD can be seen as a new machine. A full version may also do the same, to upgrade, you need to get a Upgrade version. I am not certain, but this is most likely reason.

  spikeychris 19:53 19 Mar 2004

"you need to boot from the cd"..no you dont. What XP version do you have?

  Paroxetine 19:54 19 Mar 2004

XP pro

  spikeychris 20:21 19 Mar 2004

What options are you receiving?

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