wont update

  ajs160n 08:06 11 May 2012

Cant install half of the latest windows updates (appx 80mg)Half went in but appx 8 updates wont. Tried with firewall and avast off.Windows module intaller turned on in services. Assume installer ok or others wouldnt have gone in.(On vista)Thanks

  birdface 08:09 11 May 2012

Try updating them manually then pick one at a time to download.Maybe just the 1 bad one stopping the rest.

  ajs160n 08:13 11 May 2012

Just this minute tried to instal singly. No good--Got it set to download automatically then I instal manually.

  rdave13 09:18 11 May 2012

Some helpful info here.

  ajs160n 10:44 11 May 2012

Have been thru microsoft fix its and it says that it has fixed things but still no change---

  KRONOS the First 10:55 11 May 2012

Have you seen this? Vista.

  ajs160n 18:18 11 May 2012

Prior to this event I had trouble deleting a program and now I find that I cannot install Microsoft anti virus and other various software, leading me to think that this is a windows installer issue---can anything be done with this installer--it is switched on to manual in services.

  lotvic 22:51 11 May 2012

You could try the registry solution on ClickHereVista windows installer issue

  birdface 22:51 11 May 2012

Normally a virus will stop you from downloading security programs.

Maybe give this a run to see if it finds any problems.It works very fast.


Or try this installer.


  Condom 23:23 11 May 2012


There appears to be a problem with one of this weeks updates, namely KB2676562 which will not install correctly and is stopping some of the others as well. If you untick this particular one you might find the rest will install OK.

I have no idea what the problem is as it installed OK on one of my machines but not my laptop.

  ajs160n 10:09 12 May 2012

Condom--funnily enough that download went in ok?--Iam trying to system restore to an earlier date but I only have the option to go back a few days----according to what I read I should be given the option of a calender to pick a date but this doesnt come up

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