Won't Start no display on Screen

  JoeA 13:46 30 Oct 2012

After I thought my PSU had blown and I replaced it I found that neither my hard drive or graphics card worked. I tested these on another machine and they are both fine. However nothing works when plugged into their host computer, am I right in thinking that the PSU has blown the CPU and or Motherboard. The power on Red light is steady on the front of the case and the CPU fan works?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:51 30 Oct 2012

Certainly doesn't sound good, first check you have all the connections from the PSU to your motherboard plugged in correctly (4 pin plug near cpu?)

have you tried getting into the BIOS?

  woodchip 15:00 30 Oct 2012

Have you checked the New PSU connectors with the old and have you connected them as above post for Graphics card and CPU

  JoeA 15:02 30 Oct 2012


I get nothing on the monitor so can't see if I can get into the bios. Cheers

  JoeA 15:03 30 Oct 2012

Woodchip, Connections all OK. Cheers

  bumpkin 15:37 30 Oct 2012

It may sound obvious but check that you have not disturbed the monitor cable when changing PSU. Is there anything on the screen at all or is dead as if no power?

  woodchip 16:01 30 Oct 2012

As you say I think its blown at least the CPU, motherboard may have survived

  bumpkin 17:11 30 Oct 2012

Why would a new PSU blow the CPU? not trying to hijack Joes thread as I am sure he would be as interested to know as I am.

  woodchip 18:26 30 Oct 2012

Not the New PSU the Old one did it

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:11 30 Oct 2012

TRy one memstick at a time

if still same

try remove refit CPU and reboot.

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