Wont shut down ?

  DoubleDutch 20:16 31 Dec 2004

long time problem here, Win 98se hardly ever shuts down, restarts more often than not but rarely shuts down. Athlon 1800, Carrera PC(ouch)

done the usual suspects, NAV, Adaware, etc.
It shuts down the monitor but not itself ? Any typical areas to look ??


  mattyc_92 20:19 31 Dec 2004

Old systems DON't turn themselves off... You have to press the power button to turn off....

If you think that your system should trun off automatically, try going to the microsoft website, click here, and do a search on this problem, alternatively try formating your system and installing windows afresh!!!!

  DoubleDutch 20:24 31 Dec 2004

This problem is a few months old, prior to that it would shut down on command no problem?

Done a bucket load of windows updates but to no avail


  JIM 20:25 31 Dec 2004

May help? Click next at top of page. If link works.

click here

  GaT7 20:40 31 Dec 2004

The download patch should work & may have to be re-applied when you have this problem again (& again), so make a note. G

  DoubleDutch 20:55 31 Dec 2004

Patch worked first time but not the next, trying again (again)


  JIM 21:12 31 Dec 2004

Run a sfc check from the run command,it may bring up some file changes.As Crossbow7 mentioned i known the patch to be reinstalled again on some systems.

  DoubleDutch 01:17 01 Jan 2005

this file is corrupt from a sfc check , without a disc can it be copied fom the net ? anywhere

  DoubleDutch 01:24 01 Jan 2005

acording to microsoft anyway, i will get a disc tomorrow and try the fix, thanks again to all and a Happy New (hic) Year

  GaT7 02:00 01 Jan 2005

Check if the 'CAB' files are on the hard disk - usually in this location: C:\WINDOWS\OPTIONS\CABS. If they're present you can extract setupx.dll from there (no disc required). You'll need to type (or browse to) C:\WINDOWS\OPTIONS\CABS in the 'Restore from' field.

Was setupx.dll the only corrupted file?

Sorry for the earlier confusion. What I meant was that you may have to re-apply the patch each time you're faced with this shutdown problem in the future. It happens to my PC - it'll last for a few weeks/months & then I have to re-apply it.

Happy New Year to you & everyone else as well : ) G

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