Won't boot

  Ian in Northampton 09:46 02 Aug 2010

Had a power cut over night, and now the Windows 7 PC won't boot. The power on switch works (illuminates) but then - nothing. Where should I be looking first when I get home this evening? My first thought is that it may not want to boot with both screens attached via the DVI and VGA ports, so I plan to unattach the DVI one. But after that, I'll be stumped...

  Graphicool1 10:00 02 Aug 2010

You could try this, it won't take long and doesn't cost anything...

Unplug both power leads from the back of the PSU the one from the wall plug and the one going to the monitor from the back of your PSU.

While these leads are unplugged press the power on button on the front of your pc. This will get rid of any residual current left in any of the capacitors. Also press the on/off switch on your monitor.

Now plug in the power lead that runs between the back of the PSU and your monitor.
Then plug in the power lead that runs from the wall switch to your PSU.

Turn the power on at the wall switch and press the power on button, on the front of your PC.
Good luck

  Graphicool1 10:06 02 Aug 2010

If it doesn't work and you have to pay for a fix or worse! It might be worth looking into getting the money from your 'Household Insurance' depending on what sort of cover you have, it's worth a look? ¦¬]G1

  Ian in Northampton 10:30 02 Aug 2010

Thanks Graphicool. Yeah, I've claimed once before, a few years back, on the household insurance after a PC died because of a power cut. However, this time, it's still under warranty so I shall just return it from whence it came and tell them it won't boot... :-)

  Ian in Northampton 18:03 02 Aug 2010

Booted and all OK! Not sure if it was my idea or Graphicool's - but hey...

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