wont boot up

  john1000 23:35 02 Dec 2004

my pc wont boot up when i power it on it kicks into life fans go but on the monitor it says no signal there are no beep codes i think fault could be processor?if this was at fault would you get a beep code i also cant go into the bios

  woodchip 23:46 02 Dec 2004

First thing to check is PSU, Fans etc working does not mean the comp is getting power good signal. Also check all plugs and sockets on the Mobo are pushed full on

  Jeffers22 00:01 03 Dec 2004

Fans cannot work if PSU is shot - end of story. Sounds more like a motherboard problem. What happened last time you closed down? Have there been power surges? Lightning? If you are not getting any POST beeps then the bios chip is not getting power to kick it in - therefore a fault between power in and bios chip seems possible. Have you pushed too hard on a card or drive cable to seat it? It is reasonably easy to bend the motherboard to the extent a connection breaks.

I think you need to take the machine to a local PC place to test unless you have a spare mobo to try - any old board will do, no need to connect anything but power to it, if it beeps the fault surely lies in your current board.

  john1000 00:01 03 Dec 2004

checked all plugs on board all seem ok trying to get another psu to try

  SANTOS7 00:19 03 Dec 2004

bin doing a bit of reading on other forums, suggest taking video card out and reseating it has resolved same problem, others suggest Mobo may be U/S, try card first you never know,good luck.....

  woodchip 10:38 03 Dec 2004

You are wrong as I had the problem

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